Sector Experience

Over 15 years experience in manufacturing, engineering, automotive, aerospace, electronics, food and process sectors is typical for improvement experts. What is unique about Team Integra is our experience in many other service and public sectors….

Supporting Pharma and Biotech

Innovation, time to market, technology and knowledge characterise the Pharma and Bio-tech sector. All this within a regulated and compliant system. An incredibly challenging sector in which to work and drive continuous improvement. Team Integra has experience of supporting some of the world’s leading companies to develop compliant, responsive processes within a culture of continuous improvement. From Reagents to Forensics Team Integra has supported complete supply chains succeed.

Supporting Software Development

The fast-paced environment of software development is one in which lean and agile tools combine to create waste-free systems and processes that deliver a smooth, bug-free software implementation. Team Integra has experience of supporting clients to achieve just this outcome. For Agile, understanding requirements, creating rapid feedback loops and transforming them into a solution are key. From lean build in daily packets of (balanced) work and disciplined standards that increase the quality and stability of code. Together they drive a successful implementation. We can help your teams do this for themselves.

Supporting Recruitment

Continuous improvement in Recruitment Consultancy is all about people and positive relationships. Team Integra has experience of working with recruiters to develop innovative processes that allow recruiters to increase positive people time. By eradicating time wasted and automating standard processes efficiency and service levels can dramatically improve.

Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry

Finally the O&G industry has recognized that Capex is not the only way to improve. The 1st tier supply chain has, for many years, totally relied on investment as an improvement strategy. At TI we have been working with companies across the world to change that paradigm.

Many of the O&G OEM’s have “Lean” programmes and are starting to put pressure on the 1st and 2nd tier suppliers. This is a major change in the way the industry thinks. Team Integra is at the forefront of this change and will support clients to deliver bespoke programmes of improvement to meet the needs of the changing market.

Successes so far include:- 60% productivity gains, 25% increased capacity with no capex,

Supporting Accountancy Practices

“All accountancy is about legislation so we can’t change the way we do it”

Sound familiar? At Team Integra we have supported accountancy practices to reduce the waste within Value Streams whilst retaining the legislative integrity. E.g. reducing the cost for PAYE processes by 60%.

We focus on the added value of the process and reduce the multiples of non-vales added steps. It’s simple, isn’t it? Brave enough to try?

Supporting Legal

The legal landscape is changing. Competition, outsourcing, empowered clients and technology are making sure of that. To thrive lawyers need to change the way that they do business. Team Integra has experience of supporting Law Firms to continuously improve by empowering people to reinvent processes. This leads to increased revenues, reduced costs, improved responsiveness and increased client satisfaction. Not only that, it has the healthy side-effect of freeing up valuable partner time.

Supporting Further Education

With settlements and budgets reducing Universities and Colleges need to dramatically improve external delivery performance and reduce cost to the taxpayer. Continuous Improvement in this environment is all about eliminating non value adding activity so that the University or College can focus its energies on Teaching and Research. Working with sector experts Team Integra has experience of facilitating natural work teams, within Further Education establishments, to create waste-free processes, built on lean principles, that are responsive and deliver excellent value to the public.

Supporting Finance

Team Integra has significant experience in supporting Finance departments to improve beyond all recognition. With increasing pressure on the finance department the “month-end” peak of work becomes harder and harder to achieve. It increasingly relies on the same people working longer and longer hours. Automating workflows can, ultimately, help but as part of the improvement process you must empower your work team to design-out all of the waste first. Automation has two key limitations that can easily create an expensive long-term liability:

• Computers can only do what you tell them to do, and

• Computers are not great at applying judgment or handling exceptions.

If the workflows are inefficient, exceptions are the rule or the data is deficient, then the automation investment will only further embed poor processes.