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We work with genuine, people-centered leaders who are passionate about committing to positive improvement.

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History & Background

Team Integra was formed in 2005 as a vehicle to support businesses and organisations continuously improve through the support of a network of experts. Since 2005 we have worked with many organisations and businesses both small and large across many territories. One of the original team and current principal is Ed Clements. 

Team Integra has supported successful operational projects in many sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Biotech, Chemical, Construction, Engineering, Food, FMCG, Materials and Pharma. We have also supported many successful Service projects in Accountancy, Forensic Science, Further Education, Software Development, Professional Services and Recruitment.

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Individuality & Integrity

Many well-known consultancies are motivated or have an interest in promoting their model(s) and allowing them to proliferate. This often has the consequence of closing down the scope for genuine knowledge gain or radical system intervention. This is because the way in which you approach and think about a situation is already constrained within those boundaries.

What if you just started with a curiosity, some guiding principles and a method of experimentation and intervention. You would start to develop your own model within your own context that is right for your own people, the organisation and it’s future.
Our network, independence and model-free approach means we have the flexibility to support you to do just that. We will act with integrity and will be open, honest, frank and committed. You will need to be too if you really want to build your own unique model and future.

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Thinking, Values & Principles

At Team Integra our improvement thinking, philosophy and principles have been shaped by our experience, learning and collaborations. Our work with leaders and natural work teams is built on a foundation of flow, kaizen, constraint and systems thinking.

As with the Shingo model and systems thinkers like Donella Meadows we believe that thinking and principles are the foundation for the systems and metrics that evolve in organisations. Those systems and metrics result in observable performance and an emergent organisational culture. Therefore a culture change will only occur when the foundational thinking and principles change.

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Case Studies

BIG Lean For BIG Products

Industry: Automotive – Heavy Plant Core Processes: Forging and machining Core Products: Crankshafts Situational Overview Traditional engineering culture, Highly unionised, Skilled workforce resisting standardisation, History of massive redundancies, Suspicion of …