Lean Thinking

Lean Thinking


Optimise the Whole

Before picking a lean tool from the box it is important to step back and remember that the optimisation of the whole system is important. That is what the five lean principles urge us to do.

  • Specify value from the standpoint of end customer
  • Identify the value stream for each product family
  • Make the product flow
  • So the customer can pull
  • As you manage toward perfection


When, where and what?

Lean is not a “leap of faith” as many will have you believe it is a system of work that is designed to drive continuous improvements. Using flow principles will show us when to intervene, where to intervene and what tool to use. At TI we use the following fundamentals to help diagnosis.

  • The extent of your plant’s FLOW determines the number of improvement opportunities that are identified (it’s sensitivity),
  • The extent of your plant’s FLOW determines consequence of stopping,
  • The failure mode determines the LEAN tool to deploy,
  • BOTTLENECKS govern the sequence or priority,
  • The robustness of your plant’s KAIZEN culture determines how well the problem is solved,
  • The robustness of your plant’s STANDARDISATION culture determines whether it is sustainable or not,

When you are clear why you want to use a lean tool you are then in a position to implement it.

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