Lean Sigma Audit

Are we Lean/6 Sigma enough?
We constantly meet companies who have “done” Lean and want to know what’s next.
The answer is simple: – No you haven’t, otherwise you would not be making such a comment.
Lean/6 Sigma has for far too long been considered as a target. It is not a target to be achieved. It is a Process to achieve customer requirements for SQCD.
At Team Integra we have many years’ experience of assessing a company’s competency and capability to deliver the right process to achieve the desired results.
We have developed both Audit and Diagnostic standards that assess:-
• The direction and pace of the improvement programme to achieve SQCD
• The levels of achievement to the company’s own standard improvement approach
• The capability and competency of the improvement team to achieve the plan
We focus on the PDCA of both the Process and Results. This enables concise targeting of the implementation programme. This in turn enables our clients to specifically focus on what is needed and not what they know how to do.

audit graphic