How We Do It

Real, practical, demanding and fulfilling


Listen and understand first

Firstly, we take time to understand your real issues are before offering a solution, if we can.

Achieve your real potential

Team Integra raises business performance to the highest, sustainable, level. Whilst we have very high expectations we are also pragmatic. For some this level is world class and for others it is simply to be able to realistically compete in their region, sector or specialism. Our initial aim is to help businesses achieve best practice and optimise profits.

A real, bespoke plan

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to transforming enterprises, but we do use the concepts of maximising value added and Plan, Do, Check, Act as part ofour methodologies. We never let the customer out of our sight and we take into account the current capability of the organisation with respect to the core themesof the value, improvement and management systems.

A real distinct difference

Operational Excellence is a necessity in today’s competitive, global marketplace, but that alone is not enough. If companies are going to sustain a competitive advantage, they can’t do it by just being more efficient at running the business. They have to have a distinctive way of competing. To truly succeed businesses must not just do common things brilliantly but must either do unique things brilliantly or do a common thing in a unique way.

A real and mutually beneficial relationship

We often work remotely from clients – for no fee. Clients who simply want quick advice can always get in touch no matter what we are doing. We also like to introduce our clients to each other. Their experiences can be both informative and motivating and we seek to build both with regular plant visits and study tours.