Total Lean Transformation In Wines And Spirits

Industry: FMCG – Wines and Spirits

Core Processes: Brand development,bottling and distribution

Core Products: Branded wines and spirits

Situational Overview

Traditional FMCG culture,
Enormous growth of new products had out stripped the site’s output capability,
Low OEE on bottling lines,
Wasteful and hierarchical order capture and planning process,
Huge demand amplification within the supply chain,
Very large stocks of FG (not all flavours and varieties).


Business Process Mapping Workshops

  • Current state mapping from order capture to delivery.
  • Demand amplification and other mapping tools used.
  • All size of customer forced to use the same process – Tesco’s or the corner shop!

Value Stream Definition Workshop

  • 5 Day workshop with Directors and Senior Mangers.
  • Separate Value Streams defined by aligning customer values, characteristics, products and processes.
  • Basis for value streaming the whole organisation.

Future State Development Workshop

  • Asset allocation
  • Improvement plans developed
  • Activities sequenced
  • Support organisations developed

Operational Workshops – Initial Focus: Asset Care

  • OEE
  • SMED
  • 5S
  • Minor Stops
  • Autonomous Maintenance

Kaizen Team Development and Coaching

  • Improvement process developed
  • Sustainability structure developed
  • Steering structure developed

Supply Chain Development

  • Bottle supply chain development activity
  • Bottle supply Kanban activity