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Founded in July 1998 by Debra Charles, Novacroft in Northampton specialises in data processing and management in the transport ticketing market. Debra is a UK Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador (follow link).

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Novacroft designs, develops and manages smartcards for travel and leisure service-providers, such as Transport for London.The company has 96 employees, which rises to approximately 200 when extra staff are brought in to the call centre during the busy start to the academic year.

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Novacroft in The Telegraph Business Club


To create waste-free systems and processes, built on lean principles, that deliver a smooth, bug-free software implementation coupled with a trouble-free peak.


Understand the “current state”, identification of bottlenecks/constraints and waste.

Development of a resource planning system.

Definition of a waste-free “future state” process.

Organisation and role re-design.


Increase in profitability

Smooth, trouble-free, peak

Over £80k in cost savings in first 3 months of the new operations