Real Improvements FAST For Payments Process

Sector: Printing and Print Management
Core Services: Outsourced printing and stationary services

Cashflow became a major concern because over 50% of invoices for a global banking customer of outsourced stationary services were being rejected. The reasons were;

  • Prices not agreed
  • Incorrect prices invoiced
  • Incorrect quantities invoiced
  • VAT issues
  • Back up documents missing
  • Inaccurate orders

Within 7 days;
To create a fully integrated process for invoice and receipt data
To achieve 100% invoice accuracy

study9 1


Using lean principles;

  • Training in Lean thinking
  • Design “should be” process map
  • Implement file order supermarkets.
  • Review EVERY file in system and allocate status.
  • Clean order files and prepare for invoicing
  • Making the process VISUAL.
  • Implement standard work and train all systems personnel
  • Audit the process (‘stock take process’)


study9 2


The results after the system has bedded-in for a few weeks.

  • 95% Invoices right first time
  • 55% reduction in checking/rework
  • 100% process visual management
  • Tracking process implemented
  • Standard work implemented
  • Visual Management in place
  • Standard Management in place